What is Aged Care Financial Planning?

Entry into aged care can be a challenging time for both the person and their family. The finances are notoriously complex with possible implications for:

  • cash flow

  • keeping or selling the family home

  • aged care facility fees

  • aged pension

  • investment income

  • land tax, capital gains tax and income tax 

  • intergenerational wealth transfer


Your loved one’s aged care needs are the sole focus of our advice process. Our experience tells us there are 3 core elements to aged care advice:

  1. Funding the accommodation bond

  2. Retaining or maximising any aged pension entitlements

  3. Minimising fees payable to the aged care facility

We are committed to ensuring our clients receive quality personalised advice so we can eliminate the financial stress that comes with this, often complex family decision.

Our advice includes;


  • Modelling and analysis of a number of available financial options to enter an age care facility (i.e. retaining, selling or renting the family home)


  • Cash flow analysis and funding solutions


  •  Accommodation bond funding strategies (i.e. lump sum RAD, interest only DAP, reverse mortgage or a combination)


  • Assessing the impact on age pension benefits


  • Minimising the aged care means testes fees (if possible)


  • Investment management solutions


  • Estate Planning