What is your #1 tip to save money at the Supermarket?

Can you imagine spending $685 on groceries each and every week? Those of you with teenage boys certainly can. Yes, as scary as it sounds, that can be reality for big-boy big-families. Throw in a few packets of cereal, multiple litres of milk, a trolley of veges, half a trolley of meat and frozen dinners, topped up by lunchbox snacks and you’re well on the way.

Ok some of you may be thinking “That’s crazy money to spend each week”, others thinking “I wish it was only that.” Whatever you’re weekly grocery spend is, imagine if you could reduce it by 20%. In 5 weeks that’s a saving of 100% or 1 free shop every 6 weeks.

So what is the trick to this saving, and there is a trick? If we put this out to poll, and we will ask the question at the end, there would be many dollar saving ways to shop at your favourite supermarket. You could clip coupons from the local paper, although a lot of the shops have the actual catalogue on display before you walk in. How about creating a menu for the week so you are only buying essential ingredients? Or even create a standardised menu so you know what to eat and buy every week and not buying what you really don’t need. Too much time and effort? Yeah maybe, but good ideas to keep up your sleeve.

What is the trick then, the simple trick that can possibly save you up to 20% per week? Scale back the trolley size. That’s it! If you always grab the monstrous “just fit side by side down the aisle” size trolley, then grab the smaller “I may need to stack it a little higher” size trolley. Or if you can, just grab the hand held basket for the essentials. If you have a helper with you, it’s ok to carry one each or even two each. You may have to distribute the weights evenly throughout the baskets but it is possible to do. Those of you with the big-boy big-families could try one trolley and a basket, instead of two trolleys.

Don’t brush this valuable grocery money saving tip off lightly, think about it, as it is practical and will save you money. Shopping using the ‘smaller bucket load’ method will take a little planning once you’re in the shop but it encourages you to only get what you need, not all those “I have room for that and the shelf position and marketing is good so I’ll get it” items. Try it a couple of times and see how it works for you.

For more tips on saving money and budgeting please you can start at Your Spending Plan.

What is your grocery shopping money saving tip?

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